It’s not as exciting as Slim Shady, but I’ve decided one year and 23 days later, it’s about time I update this baby. I’ve had so many food adventures this past year and I’m sad I didn’t get to share it with the world (if anybody actually reads this). Being a journalism major is much more time consuming than one would think. My, what a year it was. BUT it is summer now and the stress is gone (for the most part!) So, I’m hoping to update this as much as possible, also giving me an excuse to eat as much as possible! :) It will be very difficult to try and recapture the past year’s food yumminess though I will try…So, here’s a look at the  majority of what I ate during my sophomore year in my apartment if I wasn’t eating out:

chicken cheese sandwich

Chicken Cheese Sandwich

blueberries and apples

Oatmeal with blueberries & apples

yupp. sad life…if it wasn’t sandwiches or oatmeal, it was cereal or frozen food. I would mainly eat out/spend my bi-weekly checks on food (panda express alone profited mainly from my many meals there)

THIS SUMMER I WILL MAKE AN EFFORT TO LEARN TO PROPERLY COOK. I have been lay to the Z and it’s time to get my act together! Expect much yumminess, WordPressers, the DENG’S BACK!

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4 thoughts on “ONE YEAR AND 23 DAYS LATER…

  1. norrismac says:

    What would you say is the one dish from the last year that took you by surprise? Which meal did you completely underestimate?

    • dengitsusan says:

      hmm I went to China during the summer and tried swan…i felt like a monster but it tasted quite delish! I also had this centipede quiche thing but that was knowingly GROSS…i’ll definitely post those up soon :)

  2. Youli Zheng says:

    was expecting more than 2 pics
    how’s your diet going

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