months later…

Greetings from London!

So once again I have failed to update this blog for months…but now that I am in the beautiful yet chilly city of London, I hope I can update with not only food adventures, but life adventures! hehe. I’m currently in London to study abroad for the next 5-6 months and today was officially day #3! So far so good : ) There are 8 of us journalism kiddos from SC and we have been venturing out daily, learning our way around our home for the next semester. I still know nothing and will probably get lost the second I step out alone…I’m hoping to be a skilled Londoner by the end of this trip! We’ve hit the town to some pubs and a bar a couple nights already and let’s just say it is awesome to legally be allowed to drink! hehe.
So as usual, I’m super lazy and tired so will update ya’ll more later! I shall leave with one parting photo of the first telephone booth photo of many with my 7 fellow journalismers. We are the Crawford Crew (we live in apartments called the Crawford House) CHEERIO : ) !


Trying to stuff 8 journalists into a telebooth...

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