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fruit of the year

mangosteen: “the forbidden fruit”

Today I had a craving, which is very normal, I have cravings like 50 times a day. But the craving was for something I haven’t tasted in almost a year. Behold, the delicious fruit of MANGOSTEEN, known as the Queen of Tropical Fruit, which originates in Southeast Asia and apparently is “forbidden” to be grown or sold in the U.S.

My Very First Mangosteen :)

The first time I tried it was in China of last summer. Indeed, it was love at first bite. It’s very depressing though because they are unavailable in the States, although rumor has it some are secretly smuggled from Canada & sold in parts of Chinatown. I also read an article that said many farmers have tried to grow them in the more humid parts in Florida. Mangosteens can only survive in the tropics, so shipping them to places like China is easy. However, the U.S. is a different story. And according to a New York Times article, writer David Karp said that “Because fresh mangosteens can harbor insect pests, the Department of Agriculture prohibits their being brought from the main countries that grow them in Southeast Asia.” However, Karp also said that mangosteens can be imported legally from Central America countries, and Puerto Rico. Not so forbidden, I guess! Just very rare.
So perhaps there is hope for me to be reunited with the mangosteen?! Until then, I wait & just stare at my photos of our last encounter.
The center is the part you eat, the white, soft, & juicy part. It’s seedless & succulent, and you crack & peel to get to the center. If you ever get a chance, you must try these! They put apples and oranges to shame.

Ripe Mangosteens from last summer, China

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louie louie

Oh Geez, Louie.

Haven’t blogged in a while! Been pretty deng busy. Along with Sunglass Hut, I am now working as an intern at TheWrap, which you guys should all check out, it’s an awesome site that keeps you updated with entertainment & Hollywood today! ( ) I am also starting summer school class from 6-9 pm Mon-Fri next week :( I am not excited for my lack of life coming up. Anyways, today’s my day off so I figured I’d update a bit! (it’ll be quick & painless, i promise).
A couple weeks ago (ok, many many weeks ago) I finally physically went to Bottega Louie! It definitely met my expectations. I got the Louie Salad and some yummy macaroons and split a creme brulée with my amiga. The creme brulée was seriously to die for. The crust was the best part, perfectly breakable with a beautiful texture. And the macaroons, which I’ve had before are just as good! Tried the pistachio & caramel. The pistachio literally melted in my mouth while the caramel was a little harder to bite into. Little itty bitty bites of heaven. I am seriously going to buy every single macaroon in that restaurant one day when I ain’t so broke.

The Louie Salad

Pistachio + Caramel Macaroons

Zee Creme Brulée

Macaroons Galore

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CHINA 2010

ching chong ling long: China Trip ’10

Soooo I’m going to make up for lost times & share with you guys some of the yumminess I ate last summer when I went to China! I literally gained 10 lbs alone from that trip. Everyday was delicious and I took so many photos of food, I think my camera started drooling. Here are some highlights:



Only parts of that dish are actually crocodile. My mom picked out a piece for me & it tasted like chicken. Wasn’t too bad.

Centipede Quiche-thing

Yes, it was not that great. Hardly tried it, who knows how well they baked in there?! It was basically an expensive pan of centipedes chillin’ in an egg. My dad ate like half of the thing -__-

Silkworm Egg Pizza

Couldn’t even get myself to order it.

"Man Tao" + Condensed milk = <3

Pringles a la China: Crab + Seaweed

Chicken Feet TO GO

People in China LOVE their chicken feet. It’s even in to-go snack packets, kinda like us Americans and trail mix or something.


Best beancurd EVER

Chicken Nuggets on a stick!

The Coolest Dessert Place (the "snow white" one on the left was the best)

A cool peanut I found in a peanut appetizer dish

Baby meat buns in Shanghai

Duck's Blood (mehhh)

Fried milk cubes!

DINOSAUR EGGS (not really- some kinda duck eggs i think...)

Shanghai Dumplings, one of Shanghai's best foods

Rock Salt Tea Drank (foamy but okay)

Sunny-side up toast to go! (so cute)

Those are just a few of the gagillion foods I ate during my trip to China & Shanghai last summer. Wishing I kept up with this blog back then so I could’ve updated/uploaded more. But better late than never, I guess! If you guys ever get a chance to visit China, definitely eat as much as possible & worry about the calories later! I especially enjoyed the street vendors that sell food made right in front of you. Really comforting snacks that you can smell from miles away…

And all the animals you get to pick fresh before you eat them! It was actually quite sad & I almost thought about opening all the cages and letting them out. We went to several restaurants with some animals that would never be allowed to be eaten, let alone sold in America.
Ie: stingrays, pretty birdies, crocodiles, beetles, frogs, turtles, fox-racoon type furry critters, scorpions, snakes, & even DEER. Thankfully the restaurant said not many people eat deer anymore (I asked many questions, cause they sure had a lotta explaining to do!)

Here’s some pics for proof:

WARNING: Super sad :(

Crocodile -caged with mouth shut :'(

Scorpions- fresh & ripe for picking!

Sting Ray- quite the pricy guy

Some of the many snakes & turtles up for selection

Basket o' frogs

Unidentified bird

A cute pointy-nosed critter that apparently tastes good...

WHAT ABOUT BAMBI?! I truly considered buying all these beauties- who wouldn't stop looking at me, pleading me for help...

But have no fear, once I strike it rich, I will buy out all these animals & set them free!
Until then, they are someone’s dinner…

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It’s not as exciting as Slim Shady, but I’ve decided one year and 23 days later, it’s about time I update this baby. I’ve had so many food adventures this past year and I’m sad I didn’t get to share it with the world (if anybody actually reads this). Being a journalism major is much more time consuming than one would think. My, what a year it was. BUT it is summer now and the stress is gone (for the most part!) So, I’m hoping to update this as much as possible, also giving me an excuse to eat as much as possible! :) It will be very difficult to try and recapture the past year’s food yumminess though I will try…So, here’s a look at the  majority of what I ate during my sophomore year in my apartment if I wasn’t eating out:

chicken cheese sandwich

Chicken Cheese Sandwich

blueberries and apples

Oatmeal with blueberries & apples

yupp. sad life…if it wasn’t sandwiches or oatmeal, it was cereal or frozen food. I would mainly eat out/spend my bi-weekly checks on food (panda express alone profited mainly from my many meals there)

THIS SUMMER I WILL MAKE AN EFFORT TO LEARN TO PROPERLY COOK. I have been lay to the Z and it’s time to get my act together! Expect much yumminess, WordPressers, the DENG’S BACK!

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Going Bananas


Slightly sad i haven’t updated this baby since April 14…but it’s finals time & i definitely do not want to study yet, so expect more blogs these coming weeks :)! hehh

I’m not sure if you all knew this, but banana ice cream can be made simply using bananas- and bananas alone. After hearing this, me & my lovely suitemates knew it was time to procrastinate.
Successfully smuggling 8 bananas from Parkside, one of our dining halls, we begun to experiment.

the smuggled bananas!

the smuggled bananas

ALOT of bananas
a blender
a knife
a freezer
That’s it!
First things first: 1. Peel and cut the bananas into slices, laying them out on plates so they don’t touch. 2. Put them in the freezer for ONLY 1-2 hours. 3. Take them out, then throw them in the blender. 4. Blend, blend, blend! *if bananas resist the blender at first, cut them up a little more. 5. Make sure the consistency is to your liking, & ENJOY your new homemade banana, heart-healthy ice cream! :)

1. slice em' good!

2. ready to freeze

3. & 4. blending time

5. the finished product

Okay, so confession: ours was a little smoothie-like because we accidentally left the bananas in the freezer for much longer than necessary (& ended up having to SUPER blend them & add stuff) :(
so learn from our mistakes. TAKE OUT BANANAS PROMPTLY!
enjoy & let me know how it goes! yay bananas ♥

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Hmm i haven’t blogged in a couple of days, partially due to the two essays i wrote about in my first post. I FINISHED, regardless of my lack of sleep for like 30 hours. anywho, it’s time i actually start workin’ on this whole food blog thing :)

i finally had DIM SUM when i went home after being deprived of it (& all other real good asian food) for so long.
For you non-AZNZ, dim sum is a yummy Asian tradition during morning-noonish which consists of smaller dishes in carts served by asian ladies. yeah it sounds weird, i don’t really know how to describe it…

But for the teeny amount of time i was back in the 626 area i was happy to get to eat dim sum sunday morning with my parents at good ole’ “888” (Chinese restaurant) where my dad actually saw Jacky Chan one day!
Here are some of my favorites & MUST GETS for all of you unfamiliar with the concept of dim sum:

HK STYLE EGG TARTS ♥ One of my absolute favorite foods. A delicious egg tart- Hong Kong style. MUSTGET.

CHICKEN FEET red & not as gross as you'd think.

BAKED BBQ PORK BUN Sweetish & sticky on the outside, meaty goodness on the inside. One of the best buns out there.

& then after dim sum, i got to buy the red bean flour cake things i used to get all the time as a kid @ the supermarket nearby…it was basically a great day…


^They come in red bean, custard, green bean, taro, coconut, etc. I got them all, though red bean will always be my number one choice! Typically an asian lady sets up outside in a cubicle cart making & selling them in front, easy to spot & only 60cents a piece.

So there’s some dim sum/traditional asian food lessons for those of you who are unaware. I release my inner asianness once yummy food rolls around.

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So i haven’t done this type of thing since Xanga was popular during my 6th and 7th grade life.
Partial reasons for starting this blog include my wonderous suitemates- encouraging me to just start a Food Blog since i take photos of all my food & have an abnormal love for anything edible. Another reason is the horrible P word that seems to fill my college student days: procrastination.
ie: i have 2 essays due by Tuesday: one for my social issues class, in which i must write a 10 page paper analyzing & comparing two genocides, filled with scholarly debate & references.
The other is a 5-7 pg essay for the mandatory writing140 class that all ‘sc freshmen suffer from, about what constitutes an appropriate Holocaust representation.
^ That probably bored you guys just reading about it, sorry : (
but YUPP, i have officially 1 page done for each, which i’m actually quite surprised & impressed with…
As this weekend goes by, we shall see how far along i get. If i keep writing blogs, we know i am doomed.
There are many festivities this weekend on campus too, which are all too tempting…

anywho, let’s hope i actually keep this baby up! I’m ready to post some delicious food photos ♥

Let me give you guys a sneak peak with the sashimi salad i had @ Yamato in Westwood, Los Angeles with suitemates Ivana & Youli last night…

as well as the “hot night” roll (“911” roll in back)

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