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Adventures of an Azn in Amsterdam


I know I’ve been slacking once again on blogging but alas, a new post about my amazing trip to Amsterdam last week! I was there a total of 7 days and while that seems long, it passed by wayyy too quickly. I stayed with my good friend and freshmen roomie Youli, who lives in the dorms literally down the street from the Anne Frank House, or Anne Frank Huis. Casual, living by the secret annex where Anne and her family hid for years. The prettiest canal was right next door, too…

View of canal from Amanda's room @ sunset

Nearby canal during the day

In addition to the endless amount of beautiful canals, Amsterdam is home to many great museums, like the Van Gogh Museum, Rijkes Museum, FOAM photography museum, and of course the Anne Frank Huis. I got to visit all of them for free thanks to the handy dandy museum card Yo borrowed for me from her roomie : )

Leaving our mark in the Anne Frank Huis

There are also a couple of sex museums in the Red Light District which I didn’t get to see, but that’s fine by me…
Speaking of the Red Light District- my prude and wussy ways didn’t prepare me properly.
So there are actual red lights in the rooms where the women showcase themselves in. The women stand in the windows, tempting anyone who walks by. They even tried seducing me, I guess in case I was lesbian?
Like Tyga says, it was Rack City, rack rack city, b*tch. Cause they wear close to nothing, cha chas errwhere. There are also blue lights in some rooms for the array of transgender prostitutes. Yo told me she heard a couple prostitutes speak for class and one lady became a prostitute because she really wanted to buy a dog. True Life: Hustlin’ to be a puppy mama.
No photos of the red light district because I heard if you take a photo even near the women, you get thrown into the canals!
There are also live sex shows which I guess is just live porn, hopefully with a plot, maybe a music number or two? (We did not attend, I think I would have fainted).
Coffeeshops, which are different than cafes and coffee places, were at every corner. Coffeeshops openly sell weed, space cakes, brownies, all the stuff that’s illegal in the States. There are also plenty of smartshops, which sell shrooms and other natural substances.
You would think a wuss like me would be overwhelmed but I actually think it’s kinda cool! Amsterdam is so chill and I even met a man from London who comes to Amsterdam every once in a while to relax (or in other words, get high legally & easily). Though Amsterdam is so much more than just the Red Light District & coffeeshops.
It’s also home to Heineken! We went to the Heineken Experience, which was AWESOME (definitely got a bit drunk from the 3 beers they provided us).

All of us at the Heineken Experience with our first round! Some awesome people: left to right: Jarred, Cynthia, Amanda, Youli, (me), Jen, & Carolyn.

Amsty’s also full of bikes! The Dutch love to bike and it made me miss biking back home in LA. I did get a biking experience as we double-biked it (I sat in the metal square behind the biker that the Dutch consider a seat) and we biked multiple times to Vondel Park, Van Gogh Museum, to get friites, all over! It was so fun though I felt bad for Carolyn who had to pedal me around the city in day & night, especially after I ate a large meal…

Me & Carolyn, my biking hero

Jen biking Yo!

I also got to visit markets like the flower market, Albert Cuyp market, and another random clothing/vintage/jewelry market I stumbled upon when I ventured the city myself one day.

Tulips! Amsty's main flower @ the flower market

My two purchases from the vintage/jewelry market

Another highlight of my trip was a wonderful place called DE POEZENBOOT. While it appears to be a normal boat, it’s actually a SUPER BOAT FILLED WITH CATS. Yes, I was delirious with joy. It’s a cat animal shelter that started way back in 1968. My new Dutch friend David kindly accompanied me and we talked to the nice lady who manages it. She was very passionate about the boat and just cats in general. I told her I would probably end up joining her and living there one day…De Poezenboot made me miss Peaches (my cat back home) a lot !



and after the magic of De Poezenboot, we stumbled upon LMFAO & FAR EAST MOVEMENT shooting their new music video next to the church by the Anne Frank Huis! Seriously the best day ever. I rebelliously stood next to the back-up dancers and blended in for a while…until they started dancing and I realized I had no idea what the routine was, let alone the song. Hokuto from Quest Crew was also there choreographing it! I was dying and probably the most excited, obnoxious American there. I was literally 5 feet away from them. Almost tried patting or poking them but was scared I’d get a restraining order put on me. But yeah it was so cool! And hours later when I walked to Central Station with Yo & Cynthia, I saw the Party Rock Bus again (the bus they got into earlier) and screamed “OMGAW FAR EAST MOVEMENT!” They all looked, cheering along with waves & smiles. heheh. I think they were shooting another part of the video atop the bus as it drove through Amsterdam.
I looked up the song and it’s called “Live my Life,” and Justin Bieber sings in it too though he was nowhere to be seen that day.

Hokuto from Quest Crew, Redfoo from LMFAO & Far East Movement. So close I could smell their swag.

Me blending in with the back-up dancers trying to sneak into the music video...


After the madness with LMFAO & Far East Movement, David took me to get some traditional Dutch food and I tried croquette for the first time! It’s very yummy, sort of a mashed potato-meat filled fried thing. I also tried this minced “American-style” onion pate’ dish.


Raw minced meat with onion yumminess

My favorite photo of the day, hi David.


On top of the world! Well, Delft at least.

We climbed a gabijillion steps and made it to the very top of the New Church in Delft, a cute & royal city in South Holland. We also had a kick-bike tour of the city, it was the coolest day trip!

Me & Yo atop the New Church!

The cool kick-bikes we used to tour the city

Best photo at Delft: Adorable child, father staring me down & thinking I'm a pedo for photographing his child, cutest grandma with tongue sticking out ready for the photo.

After the day trip to Delft, we went to see Laidback Luke, whose spins were quite impressive.

At AIR for Laidback Luke

The night didn’t end at AIR, newfound tour-guide David gave me a night tour of the city after, filled with swans, glistening canals, impromptu ballet, and falafels : )

Goodnight, canals.

I’m sure ya’ll are getting bored as this post is getting long (too much awesomeness in 7 days to try and squeeze into one post) so I’ll end with some happy food photo highlights from Amsterdam:

Meet Stroopwafels, my newest weakness.

Stroopwafels, aka beauty in a bag. Holland is known for these babies and I ate way more than I should have during my stay…It’s two pieces of waffle goodness between a layer of caramel. I had fresh ones, packaged ones, ones dipped in chocolate…

Smoked Salmon and Prosciutto.

Nom-Nom sandwiches served at lunch in Delft. Smoked Salmon with cucumber and Prosciutto with an egg-salad base & some other sauce.

Homemade Gouda, i love you.

Well that’s a quick (as quick as it can get) synopsis of my week in Amsterdam! You guys should definitely visit if you get a chance and eat all the stroopwafels & pancakes you can get your hands on. Amsterdam is amazing & I miss it, but I’m pretty glad to be back home in Londy : ) Cheerio folks!

Bye Amsty, miss you already!

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