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Hmm i haven’t blogged in a couple of days, partially due to the two essays i wrote about in my first post. I FINISHED, regardless of my lack of sleep for like 30 hours. anywho, it’s time i actually start workin’ on this whole food blog thing :)

i finally had DIM SUM when i went home after being deprived of it (& all other real good asian food) for so long.
For you non-AZNZ, dim sum is a yummy Asian tradition during morning-noonish which consists of smaller dishes in carts served by asian ladies. yeah it sounds weird, i don’t really know how to describe it…

But for the teeny amount of time i was back in the 626 area i was happy to get to eat dim sum sunday morning with my parents at good ole’ “888” (Chinese restaurant) where my dad actually saw Jacky Chan one day!
Here are some of my favorites & MUST GETS for all of you unfamiliar with the concept of dim sum:

HK STYLE EGG TARTS ♥ One of my absolute favorite foods. A delicious egg tart- Hong Kong style. MUSTGET.

CHICKEN FEET red & not as gross as you'd think.

BAKED BBQ PORK BUN Sweetish & sticky on the outside, meaty goodness on the inside. One of the best buns out there.

& then after dim sum, i got to buy the red bean flour cake things i used to get all the time as a kid @ the supermarket nearby…it was basically a great day…


^They come in red bean, custard, green bean, taro, coconut, etc. I got them all, though red bean will always be my number one choice! Typically an asian lady sets up outside in a cubicle cart making & selling them in front, easy to spot & only 60cents a piece.

So there’s some dim sum/traditional asian food lessons for those of you who are unaware. I release my inner asianness once yummy food rolls around.

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