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fruit of the year

mangosteen: “the forbidden fruit”

Today I had a craving, which is very normal, I have cravings like 50 times a day. But the craving was for something I haven’t tasted in almost a year. Behold, the delicious fruit of MANGOSTEEN, known as the Queen of Tropical Fruit, which originates in Southeast Asia and apparently is “forbidden” to be grown or sold in the U.S.

My Very First Mangosteen :)

The first time I tried it was in China of last summer. Indeed, it was love at first bite. It’s very depressing though because they are unavailable in the States, although rumor has it some are secretly smuggled from Canada & sold in parts of Chinatown. I also read an article that said many farmers have tried to grow them in the more humid parts in Florida. Mangosteens can only survive in the tropics, so shipping them to places like China is easy. However, the U.S. is a different story. And according to a New York Times article, writer David Karp said that “Because fresh mangosteens can harbor insect pests, the Department of Agriculture prohibits their being brought from the main countries that grow them in Southeast Asia.” However, Karp also said that mangosteens can be imported legally from Central America countries, and Puerto Rico. Not so forbidden, I guess! Just very rare.
So perhaps there is hope for me to be reunited with the mangosteen?! Until then, I wait & just stare at my photos of our last encounter.
The center is the part you eat, the white, soft, & juicy part. It’s seedless & succulent, and you crack & peel to get to the center. If you ever get a chance, you must try these! They put apples and oranges to shame.

Ripe Mangosteens from last summer, China

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