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So i haven’t done this type of thing since Xanga was popular during my 6th and 7th grade life.
Partial reasons for starting this blog include my wonderous suitemates- encouraging me to just start a Food Blog since i take photos of all my food & have an abnormal love for anything edible. Another reason is the horrible P word that seems to fill my college student days: procrastination.
ie: i have 2 essays due by Tuesday: one for my social issues class, in which i must write a 10 page paper analyzing & comparing two genocides, filled with scholarly debate & references.
The other is a 5-7 pg essay for the mandatory writing140 class that all ‘sc freshmen suffer from, about what constitutes an appropriate Holocaust representation.
^ That probably bored you guys just reading about it, sorry : (
but YUPP, i have officially 1 page done for each, which i’m actually quite surprised & impressed with…
As this weekend goes by, we shall see how far along i get. If i keep writing blogs, we know i am doomed.
There are many festivities this weekend on campus too, which are all too tempting…

anywho, let’s hope i actually keep this baby up! I’m ready to post some delicious food photos ♥

Let me give you guys a sneak peak with the sashimi salad i had @ Yamato in Westwood, Los Angeles with suitemates Ivana & Youli last night…

as well as the “hot night” roll (“911” roll in back)

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