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From Food to London Life

let’s ketchup !

But really. My super excited post about the rare snowfall the other night has inspired me to actually keep this thang updated. I started this blog freshmen year 2 years ago after much encouragement from my suitemates (I just read my first post) and managed to write NINE posts in TWO YEARS. I am truly a lazy human being…But fret not you few people who actually read this blog, I am makin a comeback! While this was initially intended to be a food blog, I am turning it into an everything blog for London purposes. My first London post was about 20 days ago, I’m hoping the time between posts will be shorter in the future…To make up for the past 3 weeks I’ve been here in London but MIA on WordPress, here are some quick highlights of the days I’ve been here! Also, London ketchup is really good.

Day 1: Officially moved into our flat on Crawford Passage!

The courtyard view from our flat

Day 3: Our 1st encounter of The Perfect Chicken. It’s a fast food restaurant that has become our 2nd home and go-to spot to eat late at night. Their chips (fries) are THE BEST. I’m positive I’ve been to The Perfect Chicken 5 times already.

Day 5: Brick Lane/Old Spitafield’s Market

Book in window on Brick Lane. Current life motto

My vintage pigeon sweater buy at Brick Lane! I like pigeons. Photo courtesy of Kristin Yinger

British band in the making

Day 6: Tower of London/ First Pub Crawl

At zee Tower of London in front of the London Bridge

Day 6: (continued) My first venture on my own (in which I didn’t get lost) in search of Top Shop for the last day of 20% student discount/stumbled upon St. Pauls!

Personal success

St. Pauls Surprise

Day 9: The London Eye/Big Ben/Parliament

Us aboard the London Eye! Photo courtesy of cute couple in neighboring Eye capsule whom emailed Lydia

Good ole' Big Ben

Day 12: Borough Market

Veggies galore @ Borough Market

Day 13: Portobello Road

Ah, Portobello!

Day 14: Chinese New Year 2012 Celebration in Chinatown

So crowded I didn't even get to take a picture of the cool dragons...

Day 17: London Dungeon/Harrods

Harrods by Night

So there’s a little taste of some of the things I’ve done so far in London! Short and not descriptive cause once again my laziness prevails…
Hope I can stay consistent with my posts and keep you guys updated and hopefully entertained!
My London Swag is picking up slowly and I can’t wait for the next 5 months of my life! Cheerio folks!

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